spotting and jotting

23/11/11 at 08:35

an honour to be part of Matt’s project

This riso printed, black and teal, A4 sized, 20 paged book features an fantastic line-up of artists and illustrators all picking an extinct bird to bring back to life in a monotone image for you to colour-in or cut-out and keep. For only £12 postage included.

Artists include Oliver Jeffers, Jon Boam, Marcus Oakley, You Byun, James Jarvis, Treehouse Press, Jon McNaught, Alex Jako, Kevin Waldron, Gorey, Jon Burgerman, Ghostpatrol, Oliver Hibert, Showchicken, Al Murphy, Guy McKinley and Pinky.

Only available from the Spotting & Jotting shop and from Ghost of Gone Birds Exhibition.

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