Made to Last

17/10/12 at 12:22

I’m very proud to be part of this exhibition

Made to last: the conservation of art
A NETS Victoria exhibition in partnership with the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne and supported by Latrobe Regional Gallery.

Contemporary artists use traditional, modern and sometimes unconventional materials for a variety of reasons; the materials are integral to their conceptual practice, workable or readily available. Made to last: the conservation of art highlights the significance of the artist’s original intent to assist in the long term preservation of their work, providing a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into their practice. This exhibition, curated by Sherryn Vardy, explores investigative methods of conservation including the behaviour of materials over time and techniques used to preserve and document work for the future. Artists: Brook Andrew, Penny Byrne, Juan Ford, Ghostpatrol and Claire Anna Watson.

Tour dates:
Latrobe Regional Gallery  12 Sept to 28 Oct 2012
Art Gallery of Ballarat  8 December – 20 January 2013
Manningham Art Gallery  27 February – Thursday 28 March 2013
Wangaratta Art Gallery  27 April – 26 May 2013
McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park   20 October 2013 – 2 February 2014

great interview with Sherryn Vardy here

exhibition video

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